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Custom Rigid Boxes

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Custom Small Rigid Boxes

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Rigid Boxes

We facilitate your business by bringing you innovative printed boxes with extraordinary design printing.

Luxurious Custom Rigid Boxes; Unique & Stunning Packaging Solution

You might not be familiar with the term ‘custom rigid boxes’, but you should know about this latest style of trendy boxes that’s taking over the market. The boxes are made with the packaging stock that’s a finer than the regular packaging boxes and obviously more expensive. However, the rigid packaging boxes are sure to tempt your customers into purchase with their sleek, luxury appeal. Regardless of the retail business you are running, if you find a way to encase your most valued item in luxurious small rigid boxes, you will find that customers show an even more impressive response. It might seem like a strain on the budget at first, but you will find that a wise small investment can pave way for the highest ROI you’ve ever known

Elegantly Crafted Custom Rigid Boxes for Making Customers Swoon over Your Product Line

Your brand logo is an exclusive signature that plays well with the fancy sophistication of the custom rigid boxes. You don’t need elaborate prints when you have glimmering effects like embellishments, embossing, metal foiling, velvet finishes and ribbons that can be styled into your unique rigid boxes. These boxes can be used to wrap jewellery articles, decoration pieces, crystal works, perfumes, clothing items and many other retail products that you wish to display as the most lavish of your brand.

They also give your product added safety with their crush’s restraint feature. Mobile companies and fashion designers have used these boxes on many occasions to highlight their deluxe product items & were met with success. You can leave us your queries regarding rigid boxes and order requirements, or get a custom quote at sales@oxopackaging.co.uk. Our customer support executives are live 24/7 to support your packaging concerns at any given time.