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Custom Printed Storage Packaging Boxes

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Custom Carry Boxes

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Custom CD Storage Boxes

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Custom Archive Boxes

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Storage Boxes

We facilitate your business by bringing you innovative printed boxes with extraordinary design printing.

Custom Printed Storage Packaging Boxes for Your Files & Record Archives

In the corporate sector, paper work still claims a big chunk of employees’ daily time. Even with all the digitalization, there are still records too valuable or too sizeable to be placed into computers. To secure such hard data or to simply store files that contain work or employee information, every company needs custom printed storage packaging boxes.

Are you thinking why print the boxes that will only act as containers to the actual data? You need to print them as a way to boost your corporate identity. You print these boxes for the same reason big and small companies have custom printed stationaries, they unify the people working under a single label. Your company should have a visual identity that binds your workers together for the same cause & act as a beacon of inspiration that tells you why you do what you do, every single day.
Sounds too intense for something as simple as custom printed storage packaging boxes? It’s only because these simple and subtle things tend to have longer lasting impacts.

Durable & Dependable, Expertly Crafted Custom Storage Boxes

At OXO Packaging, we work with clients from all industrial sectors and these custom storage boxes are usually ordered for in-house data management. Of course, we make artful storage boxes to be sold as merchandise, but mostly we deal with companies and retailers who wish custom boxes with logo to reinforce their identity in people. Depending upon your business needs, we can create these custom archive boxes with lids to keep the box content covered and protected. You can get other styles too like custom cd storage boxes with handles to allow the users a more convenient grip. Again, we offer complete customization choices of materials, sizes and designs to make sure that your custom packaging boxes are crafted exclusively to match your needs. We also offer free shipment & fast turnaround times on your orders.
Our customer support executives are live 24/7 at sales@oxopackaging.co.uk and can be readily approached in case of any queries.