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Custom Printed Food Packaging Boxes

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Custom Truffle Boxes

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Custom Burger Boxes

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Custom Plain Boxes

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Custom Mini Burger Boxes

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Custom Chinese Food Boxes

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Custom Snacks boxes

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Custom Macaron Boxes

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Food Boxes

We facilitate your business by bringing you innovative printed boxes with extraordinary design printing.

Choose to Pack Your Food Products in Hygienic, Custom Printed Food Packaging Boxes

Food packaging is one of those special types of packaging that requires a little more skill than used for traditional cardboard packaging. Why? Because food manufactures have to be careful about three things when it comes to packing their delicious products. First, the packaging should be secure enough to keep the weather and external contaminants from altering the flavor of food, or maybe even ruining it. Second, the packaging should be able to seal-in the food aroma for the required period of time and retain the products’ freshness for the end consumer to enjoy. Obviously there are different types of food and the packaging requirements may be different for; let’s say can food or frozen foods etc. Third comes the hygiene part, above all else food packaging must be hygienic.

How can OXO Packaging improve your brand recognition with custom printed food packaging boxes?

You can order any and all types of custom packaging boxes for your food products at OXO Packaging. We cater to all your customization requests because we believe that being a food manufacturer you are the best judge of how to please your customers’ appetite.  So no matter what type of food you create, for whatever cuisine, we can help you create the perfect boxes to encase your products. From custom pizza boxes, custom snack boxes, custom fudge boxes to custom dessert boxes, we offer an imaginative range of food packaging solution to vendors spread across the United Kingdom.

If you as a beverage brand have other packaging concerns, just reach out to us at sales@oxopackaging.co.uk. Our sales representative can guide you how to place orders and personalised boxes by making all the decisions. We offer free shipping door-step delivery and quick turnaround times.