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Custom Bottle Neckers

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Custom Wine Bottles Necker

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Custom High Quality Bottles Necker

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Custom Unique Bottles Necker

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Bottle Neckers

We facilitate your business by bringing you innovative printed boxes with extraordinary design printing.

Advertise Your Brand with Custom Printed Bottle Neckers

Whatever you call these collars; bottle neckers, bottleneck hanger, bottle necker tags… there is no denying that they can add to the appeal of your beverage brand. They can offer the required information about a product or a brand, and help promote your message to the onlookers. Easily made and familiar to all the retailers, you can use custom printed bottle neckers to convey the things that are beverage labels didn’t have room for. At OXO Packaging, we create all sorts of bottle neckers to add value to your products.

Custom Die-Cut Bottle Neckers:

If you have any personalised ideas about what your bottle neckers should look like, different from all the traditional hangers, you can get bottle necker made just for your brand. If you have a brand character, or a logo theme you can print them here.

3-D Bottle Neckers:

These Necker go round the bottle where the narrow head meets the expanded bottom of your beverage container. As the circle around the beverage, the onlookers can read it and get an initial impression from all angles. You can use them for promotional campaigns and the effect will be maximised.

Hanging-with-a-Thread Neckers:

A piece of silk, ribbon, rope or thread can be looped around a bottle with a tiny leaflet or brochure, explaining your product or brand. We at OXO Packaging assure you that the if your message is persuasive enough, we can create the customised neckers that will attract customers to compel them towards your product. You can choose the colours and materials for your orders and we will guide you how to take the best advantage of your personalised neckers. Place your orders now and our customer support representatives will assist you and provide you with the detailed information. You can email us at sales@oxopackaging.co.uk and get free shipping and doorstep delivery.